Top Material Choices to Use for Sheet Metal Fabrication

There are various aspects to consider when it comes to finding the perfect metal alloy to use for your part fabrication processes and sheet metal fabrication. The choice of materials usually depends on the requirements of an individual application. As such, factors to consider in material selection include the strength, weight, corrosion resistance, formability, and conductivity needed in each sheet.

Whether you’re working in technology, material handling, construction equipment, or other related industries, there is a good chance you will face strict federal regulations dictating the quality standards of your metal parts. Regardless of your requirement, you will find everything you need at New England Fabricated Metals, Inc. Below are some of the most commonly used materials for fabricating sheet metal parts.

Carbon Steel

Unlike other types of steel with relatively low carbon content, carbon steel contains a higher percentage of carbon content. Steel with the lowest amount of carbon may be found in fences or railings. Medium-carbon content steel can be found in items like home appliances and motor vehicles.

On the other hand, the highest content of carbon steel is usually available in steel wires. High carbon content in materials introduces many attractive benefits because the higher the carbon content, the stronger the steel.


Aluminum is a lightweight silvery metal that is slightly more expensive than regular steel. Aluminum is frequently used as an alternative to steel because it doesn’t rust and responds well to machining. It is known to have strong electrical and thermally conductive properties. Aluminum parts are often found in aerospace systems, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications.


Steel is by far the most widely used material in the construction industry. It is an alloy of iron (the primary component) and carbon but may as well contain other elements such as coal, limestone, and more. Steel is a popular choice for many contractors because it is easy to fabricate and more affordable. However, it’s rigid, vulnerable to corrosion, and harder to cut than other metals.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is popular because it’s corrosion-resistant, thanks to its chromium content.  Because of its many attractive properties, stainless steel is relatively more expensive than standard steel. In addition, it forms a shiny, smooth, silvery coating that enhances the aesthetic features of metal parts.

Stainless steel is widely used in medical equipment, cookware, and other steel products that can be exposed to water or air without rusting. It is pretty easy to fabricate stainless steel, but you can’t combine it with other metal parts without compromising its anti-corrosive properties.


While it’s not as strong as steel or aluminum, copper is slightly expensive and is the most difficult metal to work with during machining. It is less malleable, meaning it is difficult to bend, but it can create exclusively beautiful products. Copper is a strong conductor of heat and electricity, making it an excellent choice for fixtures, pans and pots, and electronic equipment.

Copper is also frequently used in motor vehicle radiators, home heating systems, and air conditioners. What’s more, copper doesn’t rust, but instead, it ages into a desirable patina finish.

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