Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any flexibility to change my order if I need to?

Yes! We understand that circumstances change at times, which can affect an original order in some way. We pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our clients want. While we do have some restrictions depending on the stage of the project, we look forward to delivering exactly the product you envisioned. Please contact our dedicated customer service line with any questions you may have.

How can I lower my order cost? What pricing flexibility exists?

We will certainly explore all options related to price flexibility. There are a few different ways to potentially lower your order cost if you have some flexibility in the details of your order. Below are a few specific details to discuss with your point of contact to determine if we can lower your order cost.

  1. You can consider a less expensive finish or different paint.
  2. If you have timeline flexibility, lowering lead time expectations can also help.
  3. You can consider a less expensive or more readily available material.
  4. We can consider an alternative DFM (design for manufacturing) approach, also known as ease of manufacturing process, to create efficiencies in the production process that could lower your costs.

How can I lower my lead time?

Similar to the key components above about pricing flexibility, we can potentially evolve lead time if you have some flexibility on final materials (based on availability or inventory) and finishes (based on multi-stage finishes vs single-stage options).

In certain situations, we may also offer an expedite premium.

How long can you hold a quoted price?

We can hold a quoted price for 7 days. The volatility of materials pricing and the uncertain supply chain hurdles prevent us from extending this too far out. If there is an expectation to hold it longer, or you have reason to extend this timeline, please discuss this with your PlasTech Molding representative to determine the best approach.

What is your PO minimum?

We require a minimum order size of $250 to cover all the necessary setup and administrative procedures.

Do you provide turning or lathe work?

While we do not offer turning or lathe work in house, we work with a multitude of other partners and skilled craftsmen within the industry to deliver on your needs and expectations.

What tolerances can we expect you to hold?

We can hold tolerances up to +/- .003 in our machine shop. We can hold tolerances up to +/- .005 with sheet metal.

How do we schedule a tour of your facility?

We’re happy to accommodate any request to get a glimpse of our facilities prior to beginning our business relationship. To schedule a tour, simply reach out via our contact us page and we’d be happy to set up an appointment!

What are your credit terms?

Net 30

How does shipping work? Do you ship worldwide?

We can ship anywhere in the world via major shipping carriers. We have our own trucks to deliver locally.

How do I place an order? Does a minimum order exist?

Orders are placed after receiving a valid quote from us and sending a purchase order to our team to be processed.  Our minimum order is $2,500.

We realize there are many other questions you have as you explore new partnership opportunities.

Please share those questions with us in our contact form so we can assist you as soon as possible.