From Conception Through Final Product Development

Collaboration is key when developing new products and parts. At NEFM, we are committed to putting in the work to make sure our sheet metal prototypes fit your needs without compromise. We work in tandem with your team to custom fit designs to your every whim.

With us, there are no minimums or maximums. We are built on authenticity and transparency, which means we do not try and upsell or place expectations to increase production. Whether you require a single sheet metal prototype or are ready for full-scale production, we have the capabilities to help you through every step of the process.

Prototyping Capabilities

  • Turn orders in as little as a week
  • Visit our manufacturing service page here for a full list of our sheet metal and machining capabilities.

Sheet Metal Prototype Fabrication

Once you come to us with a design, whether it be a rough sketch or a fully modeled CAD file, we will create a custom solution to bring your idea to life. We’ve turned around countless prototyping projects with precision, consistently achieving a 99% product conformity rating on an average of 200,000 pieces year-over-year. For more information on sheet metal prototype services, get in touch with a NEFM engineer today.

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    Why NEFM?

    No Minimums

    We work with customers to complete orders as small as a single part within a reasonable budget.

    No Maximums

    We are equipped to handle large-scale production volumes to meet our customers’ changing needs.

    Highly Collaborative

    At NEFM, we will do our best to custom fit designs to your every whim, using our expertise to recommend materials and improvements, when possible.