Delivering Dependable and Innovative Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications and Systems

NEFM is a trusted supplier to OEMs and contract manufacturers in the defense industry. These companies rely on NEFM to maintain consistent precision and quality with every fabricated metal solution produced. We understand the necessity for extreme accuracy and dependability of complex parts where performance and safety are crucial. We have stringent quality assurance protocols in place to ensure every project is treated with attention to detail and the end product functions properly.

Commitment to Quality

Our team of highly skilled engineers offers a customizable suite of fabricated metal solutions to assist defense companies in the prototyping and development of their complex assemblies. Innovation and problem solving are at the forefront of what we do and we recognize the role they play in the proper performance of your products. NEFM engineers also aid in the R&D and prototyping phases by providing recommendations for optimization when we see opportunities for improvement. We are skilled in ensuring highly-technical specifications are followed and maintained throughout the entirety of the design and manufacturing process.

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    Commitment to Confidentiality

    NEFM is committed to keeping the information of its clients private and secure. Classified information and project plans are handled with utmost confidentiality, giving you peace of mind while we deliver high-quality sheet metal parts. Strict quality assurance policies and guidelines are in place to guarantee safety and reliability.

    Key Benefits

    Start-to-Finish Production

    NEFM works closely with customers from the quoting process through fulfillment to ensure each project is handled with precision. We’re your one-stop sheet metal and machining shop.

    Stringent Quality Control

    Each and every prototype and part NEFM produces is inspected by our dedicated management team to ensure your standards are met or exceeded.