Custom Sheet-Metal Solutions for the Medical Device Industry

At NEFM, we’ve manufactured and produced top-notch solutions for leading OEMs and contract manufacturers across medical industry verticals since 1983. From air filters to cosmetic devices and imaging technologies to trainers for stroke victims, NEFM bolsters a portfolio of work with top-tier medical manufacturers. We create made-to-order prototypes and parts for customers’ performance-critical projects.

Experts in Quality Management

Quality and efficiency are central to our engineering and prototyping processes. Our ISO-certified team of experts carries 400 years of combined experience and will assist your projects with unconditional care and precision. We deliver 99% good parts on nearly 200,000 pieces per year and are committed to consistently updating our quality management processes.

Start-to-Finish Capabilities With Precision

NEFM operates as a one-stop-shop for your sheet metal fabrication and machining needs, preventing the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors to complete one job. All of our parts are manufactured on-site in our facility in Leominster, eliminating the need for overseas supply chain manufacturing and ensuring all of your products meet strict specifications with on-time delivery. We work collaboratively with you from the quoting process through fulfillment to custom-fit sheet metal parts that integrate seamlessly with your unique and innovative applications.

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    Key Benefits

    Start-to-Finish Production

    NEFM works closely with customers from the quoting process through fulfillment to ensure each project is handled with precision. We’re your one-stop sheet metal and machining shop.

    Stringent Quality Control

    Each and every prototype and part NEFM produces is inspected by our dedicated management team to ensure your standards are met or exceeded.